A Wellness Revolution: Gold’s Gym Winston-Salem

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Although millions of people in our country have embraced the idea of health and wellness in their lives, the need for improved wellness has actually increased. Due to the increasing rate of preventable diseases caused by high risk behaviors such as poor nutrition, lack of exercise, obesity, and tobacco use, healthcare costs are continuing to rise.

The leading causes of death in the United States are attributed to heart attack, cancer, and stroke. The rising rate of obesity is a direct cause for all three of these fatal diseases. Because health problems are often preventable, the most reasonable solution is for individuals to begin to take better care of themselves. Regular exercise and proper nutrition is the key to improving health and wellness and decreasing the risks of preventable diseases.

Many individuals need help getting motivated or sticking to a wellness plan and can benefit greatly from the assistance of a health coach to conquer their health and wellness goals.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Americans have been told for years that key to achieving a healthy lifestyle is to eat healthy foods and to exercise regularly. However, despite these recurring advice, the percentage of people acting on this recommendation is far too low. Many individuals need assistance in order to change their unhealthy behaviors and to develop new healthier behaviors.

A health coach may be what they need to finally achieve their health and wellness goals. A health coach is an educated professional who assists individuals in achieving their health and wellness goals by creating personal wellness plans that are catered to fit the specific needs of individuals.

A health coach is trained to provide on-on-one, on-going support and offer creative solutions for their clients. They guide and motivate the individual through every step. They are available using a variety of convenient methods such as electronic coaching through the use of e-mails and instant messaging, telephone, face-to-face interactions, or a combination of these.

Many individuals are beginning to take advantage of all that their personal health coach can offer them.

Sabrina Bell