Perfect Pushups Easier Than You Thought

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There seems to be a change going on in the world of fitness and working out these days. It’s a move back to the basics and utilization of core exercises and training methods to really develop and give your body a full, intense and body shaping workout. One of the exercises that are coming back into popularity is learning to do the perfect pushup.

Yes, it is the exercise you learned back in gym class at school.  If you were male you did the push up the traditional way and if you were a female you were allowed to do the female version – you know, the one where your knees were on the floor rather than being on your toes in a plane position?

What is great about this exercise is that it can be a full-body exercise that helps all of you get in shape and toned in one exercise.  How many other exercises do you do that is able to do that?  Who knew that learning to do the perfect pushup would become the perfect exercise?

This exercise, done correctly, is able to work just about all of your muscle groups including fingers, hands, forearms, biceps, triceps, shoulders, trap muscles, your entire back, abs, glutes, hamstrings, quads, calf muscles, and even your feet. Learning to do the exercises correctly is critical to making sure that you get the maximum results for your efforts. Make sure to keep your back level when pushing up and do not lock your arms fully at the top of the exercise.

In researching this article, there were over 20 forms of doing a perfect pushup that was reviewed. The traditional version and on the knee, versions were two options. Other ones included a close placement of the hands, one where the fingertips were pointed towards each other, and one arm or one-legged pushups. However, the basic version will be the best one to start with and once mastered, you can add some other variety to your routine.

Now getting your form down is important both for effectiveness and for not straining your body in any way. These days there are some great products that will help you to truly do a perfect pushup. For only a few dollars you can get a tool that helps your form and makes sure that you get the best results for your workout and without causing any strains or pain to your joints. You can do your workout correctly and at home when you have a few minutes to spare.

Adding this exercise to your workout will help you get in shape and have the results that you are looking for!

Sabrina Bell