Real Fitness You’ve Never Heard About

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Remember from days gone by your old school gym classes? Each year there would be the President’s Fitness test and other fitness tests designed to see how in shape you were. You would dread having to undergo the various drills. They never seemed to really teach you how to do things such as the perfect pullup. However, core exercises are coming back in popularity and are the foundation to truly getting fit and in shape.

Now that you no longer have a gym class to attend at school, getting in shape becomes something that you need to do for yourself. Setting up a solid workout that includes key core exercises will lead to incredible results. Now, you don’t have to go and join an expensive gym to get a great workout. Simple at-home routines using basic equipment such as the iron gym workout bar really can get you the results you want.

In creating your routine, you want to make sure that you work each body part. One to three exercises per body part based on available time and your goals is what you need to do for overall fitness. Using an iron gym makes it easy. You can work on your chest, abs, shoulders, back, arms and more. All from one workout bar. This workout bar allows you to focus on each body part and generate a great workout routine in your own home. It’s easy to use and best of all you get the strength and muscle definition that you are looking for. It’s great for men or women.

By working out at home you can do it whenever it works for you. The iron gym doesn’t take up much space and can be stored easily in a closet when you aren’t using it. You don’t have to screw into your doors or walls to use this. It simply attaches to your door frames and can easily be removed whenever you are finished with it. What could be simpler?

Best of all, this workout doesn’t come with monthly dues or a four-figure price tag like a lot of exercise equipment. For around the cost of one month at the fancy health club, you can have the iron gym and develop a great core body workout that will help you reach your new fitness goals this year.

So, once you get in shape, remember to thank those old school gym teachers for their assistance and be glad that now there are great exercise bars that you can use to keep your fitness level high.

Sabrina Bell