Symptoms Caused By The Herpes Virus

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Symptoms are caused by the herpes virus attacks are chills, shortness of breath, fever, joint pain or stiffness in one part from the body. Moreover, it could be accompanied by the emergence of red spots on the skin. Red spots create a liquid bubble. Sometimes, symptoms may also appear with abdominal contraction. It makes the stomach to ache, like ulcer disease.

Bubbles containing water can be located in the genital area, anus, buttocks, and thighs and some time will crack to open sores that can dry on its own, but leave the scar. The wounds will last for approximately three weeks with fever, rash, and lymph nodes enlarged.

Although herpes symptoms are gone, but the virus will continue to spread and blisters caused by the bubble was going to come back in the same place over several weeks, even years later. In general, primary herpes causes flu-like symptoms, fever, and pain to the body.

Herpes disease suffered by pregnant women will transmit the virus to the baby. Herpes infection can also cause brain damage, blindness, and even death in the newborn.

Thus, we can conclude that herpes symptoms commonly experienced during the outbreak of fever, shortness of breath, fatigue or pain in certain body parts, chills, pain at the joints, reddish spots in the skin, stomach pain, and urination pain.

If symptoms as above appear, you’ll need to do some prevention, in fact, you can visit herpes testing to get more information about the treatment and doing a test of this disease. The first is to keep the bubbles will not burst. If the bubble broke, then the skin will be prone to infection.

If your skin is already infected, then other germs can easily enter through the infection. The best way is to apply talcum powder to the parts from the body exposed by the virus. Remember, the bathroom is also not a solution because the bath can cause a shock to the body. This is because cold water is in contact with the skin infection.

If you want to use drugs, it is better to choose a drug used to reduce the symptoms in the body. Herpes is not a skin disease that will end if smeared along with ointment.

Ointments and talcum powder are very helpful but do not forget to take a medicine that serves to reduce symptoms in the body.

To reduce the effects caused by the disease, always keep cleaning the infected part of the body. Clean your hands frequently and avoid touching the sores of herpes because the virus can be transmitted by touching it.

Sabrina Bell